Render World – Terms and conditions

These General Terms apply to the User's account with Render World and to our Services, and constitute a binding contract between the User and Render World.

1. Acceptance

By accepting these General Terms during the registration or purchase procedure of the Use License, the User confirms that they accept these General Terms and other applicable Terms, and declares their consent to become a party to this binding agreement. If the User does not accept, he has no right to access or use our Services.

You agree to these Terms on your own behalf as an individual ("the User"). You represent and warrant that you have the right and authority (as well as the ability - for example, you are of sufficient legal age) to act on your own.

Other capitalized words are defined in these Terms, including the "Definitions" section below (Section 22).

2. Right Of Withdrawal And Refund

For a limited period of time, in the days following the purchase of a Use License by the User (the "Termination Term"), (i) if the User disputes any of the terms set out in these Terms, or (ii) if the User is dissatisfied (for whatever reason) with the Service to which the User has subscribed, the User may withdraw from the Service and may be eligible for a refund.

Withdrawal of the Use License is obtained by sending a request to the email address The date of receipt of the message is to be considered as the date of execution of the request and therefore, even if the refund should take place after the agreed days following the payment, the user will remain entitled to receive the refund as requested within the terms of the Cooling off period.

Render World reserves the right to NOT accept the cancellation and refund request in the event that the user requests it more than once within the period of time that defines the duration of the Use License. Example: if the Use License has a duration of one year, the user cannot request more than one cancellation / refund for one year, starting from the date of the first cancellation request.


Subscription period

Deadline for Withdrawal (counted from the date of purchase)

Purchase of a license to use the features of the A. Championship & Tournament Desktop software

1 year

14 days


3. Additional Agreements, Special Terms

The User accepts the Special Terms, if any, for the Service for which the User subscribes, which the User obtains or which the User accesses or uses. In the event that the User does not accept all the aforementioned Special Terms, the User will not be able to subscribe, obtain, access or use the Service. If there is a conflict between these General Terms and the Additional Agreement or Special Terms, the Additional Agreement or Special Terms will prevail in relation to the subject matter. Any provision relating to a Service is expressly subject to the User's acceptance of these Terms, and any other or additional term is rejected.

4. Account

4.1 Account Responsibility

In order to purchase the Use License for a Service, the User may need a Service account. The User is responsible for anyone who obtains, accesses or uses the Services through the User himself or through his account (including Users Authorized by the User). This means, among other things, that the User is responsible for compliance with these Terms by the User Authorized Users, including their use of their own accounts, as if each of the User Authorized Users were the User himself. . In some cases, User Authorized Users may be required to set up personal accounts or, otherwise, to adhere to applicable terms in order to obtain, access or use the Services, but such request does not affect the User's responsibility for Users Authorized by the same User.

The User is also responsible for the protection of his account and all activities related to it. This means (among other things) that the User (i) will guarantee that only Its Authorized Users use the Services associated with the User's account and (ii) will guarantee the protection and non-sharing of user IDs or passwords. If the User suspects the unauthorized use of their account, please contact Render World with an email to

The User will guarantee that all information relating to his account (including all information that the User or his Authorized Users provide in relation to the User's registration for any Service) is and will continue to be true and complete.

4.2 Benefits of the account

The User's account is designed to provide the User with a permanent saving of the data and information entered in the respective Service, to be able to manage the information of his account, and to be able to obtain rights relating to Software, Web Services and other Benefits. , including free ones, related to the Service. The User's account is designed to be virtually accessible from any place and at any time through applications (desktop and mobile) or web platforms designed to use the respective Service.

User account features may include:

5. The User Owns Their Work ("You Own Your Work")

The User will retain their ownership rights on data, files, data sets, images or similar material created by the User himself or by an Authorized User, and that the User or an Authorized User have sent or uploaded in relation to a any Service.

6. Privacy

Render World is committed to protecting the User's privacy and to making the User aware of how Render World will use their personal data. The privacy policies of the Render World services establish (i) the ways in which the Service collects, uses, stores and processes the personal information of the User or about him, and (ii) the ways in which the User can request the '' elimination of their personal data. The User must declare that he has read and understood the Privacy Policy of the Service when registering for the Service.

7. Use Licenses

Use Licenses may include Software or Web Services or a combination of both Software and Web Services.

7.1 Benefits of the subscriber

The User who has an active Use License will have access to the features of the Service related to it, even beyond the Trial Period, for a period of time defined by the License itself.

7.2 Purchase of the Use License of a Service

When the User purchases the License to Use a Service, Render World generally provides the User with access to the Service through the User account or by other means. For some Services, the User may need to provide additional information to set up and access these Services, and the User agrees to provide such information.

7.3 Duration of the Use License

The Use License of a Service will have a fixed duration, which must be indicated at the time of purchase and which must be mentioned in the confirmation to the User of the purchase. If no duration is indicated, please contact us by email at

7.4 Renewal of the Use License

At the end of the validity period of the Use License, the User has the possibility to renew the Use License within the limits, and under the same conditions, which Render World generally makes commercially available for the subscribers of the same Services in the same geographical area. Some Services may include an automatic renewal option. Information on how to disable the Automatic Renewal of the Use License will be displayed directly on the Service at the time of signing the License.

8. Scope, previous terms and maintenance terms

These Terms do not apply (i) to Use Licenses purchased before October 29, 2020.

9. Software

If the User orders the Software by delivery, or if the User orders a Service that includes a Software (for example, if a Web Service requires a Client Software), in its sole discretion Render World will make the download of the Software available. , through the User's account or through other electronic means, or through delivery to the User by Render World. Regardless of how the Software is delivered, Render World will not be liable for any loss or other liability incurred by the User or others, due to delay in delivery or delivery to an incorrect address.

For each Service consisting of the Software that Render World makes available to the User, and which is subject to compliance with these Terms and with all payment obligations, Render World grants the User a non-exclusive, non-sub-licensable license, and non-transferable, in order to install and use the Software (and allow User Authorized Users to install and use the Software), solely (i) in accordance with the Documentation for the Service and any other applicable Special Terms, if any, and (ii) within the scope of the User's Use License, including the License Type, the Territory, and other specific characteristics relating to the type and level that are specific to the User in light of the Service to which he subscribed. If the Service Identification or other source of identification of the Service by Render World does not specify one or more of these elements, the license will be considered a Trial Version for the User as an individual. You may not access or use (or permit access or use) of any Software other than that to which you are authorized under that license and these Terms, and any other installation, access or use is prohibited. .

During the term of the Use License, Render World may make Updates or Enhancements available to the Software. All Updates and Enhancements are subject to the same license and other terms, as are the Software to which Updates and Enhancements apply. The User is advised to install and use the Updates and Enhancements that are made available during the subscription period.

Any Software (including any Updates and Enhancements) that Render World makes available or delivers to the User is licensed for the limited period of the Use License, is not sold, and the User cannot transfer or assign the license, with the exception of the extent expressly permitted by applicable law, notwithstanding the contrary contractual provision, or as otherwise permitted by Render World in writing.

10. Web Services

If the User subscribes to a Use License for Web Services, Render World will provide these Web Services to the User for the duration of the Use License, subjecting him to compliance with these Terms and payment obligations. The User may access and use the Web Services only (i) in accordance with the Documentation for the Services and any other applicable Special Terms, if any, (ii) for the User's internal business purposes in the manner made accessible and / or provided by Render World, and (iii) within the scope of the Use License Agreement, including the permitted number, the Web Service Type, the Territory and other certain characteristics specified for the type and level that the User selected when has signed the Use License of the Service. If the User Service Identification or other confirmations of the Use License by Render World does not specify one or more of these characteristics, the User's Web Service will be a Trial Version. You may not access or use (or permit access to or use of) any Web Service other than that authorized by these terms, and such access or use is unauthorized.

Render World will make the Web Services available to the User in the manner in which Render World generally makes the aforementioned Web Services available on the market to users with the same subscription as the User (including level, geographical area and other characteristics).

The Web Services will be provided using processes and guarantees that are designed to encourage constant protection of the User Content.

11. Access And Use Of Services

11.1 General Access and Terms of Use

Depending on the Service, the User may request to have access to their account to activate, access or use (or to continue to access or use) the Service. Only the User, including Users Authorized by the User, may have access to or use a Service. Access to and use of certain Services is subject (among other things) to periodic payment of applicable amounts, including any taxes and other costs, with reference to the Services and compliance with these Terms.

Some Services may cause the User's Electronic Devices to automatically access the Internet (on an intermittent or regular basis) - for example, to validate the User's License Agreement, to provide the User with access to the services, or to download and install Updates and Improvements, all without further communication to the User. The User consents to the aforementioned connection, to the validation of their Use License and to any automatic download and installation of Updates and Improvements. For some of the Services, the User may be able to change the Update or Improvement settings of a Service (this is not available for some Services, including those for which Automatic Updates or Improvements are required for the operation or security of the Service).

The Services do not include access to the internet or other networks, other communication services, or other hardware, software, storage spaces, or security resources or other resources that are necessary for accessing or using the Service. . The User, his other suppliers and service providers are responsible for the purchase of the aforementioned elements and for their reliability, safety and performance. Not all Services, and not all features of a single Service (including those described in the Special Terms or Documentation), are available in all regions or in all languages.

11.2 Use of User Content

With reference to the access or use of certain Services by the User, or the provision to the User by Render World of certain services, the User may request to upload or otherwise share the User Content. Render World staff will not use User Content unless (i) there is a User's request, or User's consent - for example when it comes to providing the User with support, or addressing technical or other matters requests, (ii) whether it is to provide and improve the Services (including maintenance, security, updating or other changes to the Services), or (iii) for compliance with legal obligations, enforcement, controls or procedures (for example, in reference to to a subpoena). In general, Render World does not review or review the content posted under any Service or website that is otherwise made available to Render World. Render World reserves the right, however, to check and review the User Content, and has the right to block or remove the content for any reason, including failure to comply with these Terms (for example, because the content is illegal, offensive , or because it is phishing or spam content). When the User provides or makes available User Content, the User authorizes Render World and its designates to use, reproduce, modify, distribute, and make available the User Content in connection with the provision of the Services to the User, and allowing Render World to comply with its obligations, and as otherwise provided by these terms.

User (a) is responsible for all User Content and for ensuring that User Content and its use in relation to any Service complies with all applicable laws, regulations and these Terms, and (b) warrants that User Content will not infringe or misappropriate any proprietary or intellectual property rights of any person or that it will not violate any applicable law or regulation. Render World recommends the User to guarantee and protect the User Content using the appropriate cryptography and security technologies. The User acknowledges that online services may be subject to sporadic disturbances or interruptions and that the User may not be able to retrieve the User Content.

11.5 Collaboration and sharing of User Content

Some Services allow the User to collaborate with others, including the ability to share User Content or post it - for example, in a forum or other services. If the User decides to share or publish the User Content (whether through collaboration, sharing files with a project, via email, sharing a link, sharing a file with other applications or services, publishing on a forum or gallery, or otherwise), then others (including, in some cases, the general public) may be able to use, sell, reproduce, modify, distribute, make available, display, transmit and communicate the Content of the User. Forums and galleries can be public and presentations are generally public. Once the User has shared or posted User Content, suspending or terminating access will not delete or disable access to any User Content that has previously been copied, transferred, or otherwise shared or published. If the User does not want others to have access or other rights, he must not share, publish or use other forms of collaboration of the Services, and must set the User's permissions accordingly.

A Service may include links to third parties who offer services, software or other material complementary to that of that Service. These links are provided as convenient for the User. Render World does not monitor or control what third parties will do with User Content. The User is responsible for ensuring the appropriate level of access to the User Content by the Third Parties. If the User authorizes the sharing with a third party of some of their information or of the User Content, Render World may make the User information and the User Content available to that third party; However, Render World will have no responsibility for the actions of such third party and all applicable terms and conditions, including those relating to privacy, are effective between the User and the third party.

12. Trial Versions

Render World may make available or deliver Services (or features of a Service) marked or licensed as "not for resale", "free", "evaluation", "trial", "pre-sale", "beta" or others. similar definitions (collectively, "Trials"). The User can download, install, access or use the Trial Versions only for the period and for the purposes of the trial, as expressly permitted by Render World. Except as expressly provided in the Documentation for the Trial Version or the applicable Special Terms, (i) the subscription period for the Trial Version will be limited to 20 days. Notwithstanding everything contained in these Terms or otherwise, (a) Render World makes no commitment with respect to the Trial Versions with respect to any functionality, function, level of service or data and makes no warranties of any kind with respect to the Versions Trials, (b) Render World may decide not to release Trial Versions generally or not to convert each Trial Version into an offered product, and (c) Trial Versions may contain code that is not fully tested, including errors or defects that can cause complete data loss or system failure. Render World reserves the right, without further notice, to terminate any Trial Version at any time.

13. Web Sites

Apart from its Services, Render World may provide information on its websites. The User agrees to use the Render World websites in accordance with the Website Terms of Use.

14. Feedback

The User is under no obligation to provide Render World with any development ideas, suggestions or other feedback (collectively "Feedback"), whether in connection with the Trial Version or otherwise, unless otherwise specified in the Special Terms of a Service. If, however, the User provides any Feedback, the User grants Render World a non-exclusive, transferable, irrevocable, global and free license (with the right to sub-license it) to make, use, sell, offer for sale, reproduce , modify, distribute, make available, publicly display and perform, disclose and otherwise use the Feedback and any Service that uses the Feedback.

15. Limitations on Use

15.1 Services are Tools

The Services are tools and are intended solely to assist the User with their own projects, analyzes, simulations, estimates, tests and other activities, and do not represent a substitute for the User's professional judgment or project, analysis, simulation, estimate, tests or other independent activities of the User. Render World will not be responsible in any way for the results obtained through the use of the Services, including any Output. The User is responsible for their use (including that of their Authorized Users) of the Services and any results produced by the Services, including any Output. The User's responsibility includes, without limitation, the determination of appropriate uses for the Services and the selection of the Services, other computer programs and materials intended to favor the results pursued by the User. The User is also responsible for establishing adequate and independent procedures to test the reliability, accuracy, completeness, and compliance with applicable legal requirements and all other characteristics of each Output, including, without limitation, all elements designed for the assistance of the Services. The User also acknowledges that the Services and Outputs may not achieve the results that the User wishes to achieve through his own project, analysis, simulation, estimation, test and other constraints.

15.2 The Services Are Not Designed To Store Sensitive Personal Data

The data storage functionality associated with the Services is NOT suitable for storing social security numbers, credit or debit card numbers, financial account numbers, driving license numbers, medical or medical insurance information; data relating to personal characteristics or other personal information, such as ethical origins, religious or philosophical beliefs, political orientations or opinions, genetic or biometric data, sexual orientation, or membership in trade unions; or other information that may expose and put the individual at risk if improperly disclosed or used (collectively "Sensitive Personal Data"). Except as expressly requested by Render World (for example, a credit card number to purchase a Use License), the User will not upload or otherwise make available to Render World any of the Sensitive Personal Data, including any files containing Sensitive Personal Data, in relation to the use by the User of each of the Services.

15.3 Acceptable Use of the Services

The User will access and use (and allow to access and use) the Services exclusively in accordance with (and in compliance with) all applicable regulations. Except as expressly authorized by these Terms, including any other Additional Agreement and Special Term, or as otherwise expressly provided in writing by Render World, the User shall not:

16. Confidentiality

The User or Render World (as the "Disclosing Party") may disclose or make available Confidential Information to the other party (the "Receiving Party") as set forth in these Terms. For the Disclosing Party's Confidential Information, the Receiving Party will use the same level of diligence that it uses to ensure the confidentiality of its own Confidential Information of the same kind (but in any case not below a reasonable level of diligence) and (i) will use the Disclosing Party's Confidential Information only in reference to the Services, and (ii) except as otherwise authorized by the Disclosing Party in writing, will restrict access to the Disclosing Party's Confidential Information to those of its employees, consultants, contractors, service providers , professional consultants and other persons who need such access for purposes related to the Services and who are subject to the confidential obligations stipulated with the Receiving Party, no less stringent than those provided for in these Terms. The Receiving Party may provide Confidential Information to the Disclosing Party if this is in compliance with the law. The Receiving Party will provide the Disclosing Party with prior notice of mandatory disclosure (to the extent permitted by law) and will take reasonable steps to limit such disclosure. Render World may also disclose the User Confidential Information to comply with any government or regulatory body request (including subpoenas or court orders), as part of a legal proceeding involving Render World or at the request of the User. If the disclosure is made at the User's request, the User may be responsible for the costs of compiling and providing access to the User's Confidential Information.

17. Render World Proprietary Rights

The User acknowledges and agrees that Render World and its licensors and suppliers will have full ownership of and all rights in (i) the Services, APIs, Metrics and other information or materials provided or made available by Render World to the User and (ii) any copy of the foregoing, or any other material or other information based on, deriving from or otherwise using the foregoing (including all rights to trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks, patents and everything else relating to intellectual property or proprietary rights relating to all the foregoing). The structure and organization, related algorithms and other internal elements, protocols, data structures and other external elements, and the source code of the Services and APIs constitute confidential and proprietary information of Render World, and the User will not disclose such information to third parties, or will use the aforementioned information for any purpose other than that required for ordinary access and for the use of the Services as required by these Terms, without the prior written consent of Render World. Furthermore, the User agrees not to access or attempt to access the Services through tools other than the interface provided or authorized by Render World. In addition, the User agrees not to engage in any decompilation, disassembly, or other form of reverse engineering or otherwise not to attempt to discover, learn or study the structure of the organization, its algorithms and internal elements, protocols, structure of the data and external elements, or of the source code of the Services or APIs, except as expressly permitted under applicable law and despite the opposite contractual prohibition. Render World may make available or provide access to other confidential and proprietary information (both defined as such or intended as such in such circumstances). If the User receives this information, the User will not disclose it to any third party, or will use this information for purposes other than those required for accessing and using the Services, as provided for in these terms, without prior notice, written consent of Render World.

The User is the owner only of those rights expressly recognized by him by these Terms (including any Additional Agreement or Special Term). All rights not expressly granted are reserved in favor of Render World, and its licensors and suppliers; Render World and its licensors and suppliers expressly exclude (and the User agrees not to assert) any other rights.

The User agrees not to take any action or to authorize or encourage third parties to take any action (or collaborate with third parties in taking any action), inconsistent with the foregoing.

18. Limited Warranty, Disclaimers, Limitation of Liability

18.1 Limited Warranty

Render World warrants that, for each paid Use License, starting from the date on which the Service to which one has subscribed becomes available to the User and for the following 15 days or, if the duration of the License is shorter , such shorter period ("Warranty Period"), the Service will provide the general features and functionality described in the End User Documentation for the relevant Service. Render World's entire obligation and responsibility, and the User's sole and exclusive remedy, for Render World's breach of this warranty, will be Render World's obligation, at its option, (i) to attempt to reasonably remedy the breach or (ii) to refund the amount received for the subscription or Use License you subscribed and terminate such subscription. The User must raise any warranty claims for any Service during the Warranty Period.

18.2 Disclaimer of Liability

WITH EXCEPTION OF THE EXPRESS LIMITED WARRANTY PROVIDED IN THE ABOVE "Limited Warranty" SECTION (Section 18.1), AND ANY OTHER EXPRESS WARRANTY PROVIDED AS SUCH IN ANY ADDITIONAL AGREEMENT OR SPECIAL TERMS, TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW (i) SERVICES ARE PROVIDED AS IS ("AS IS") AND (II) RENDER WORLD AND SUPPLIERS DO NOT PROVIDE, AND THE USER DOES NOT RECEIVE, ANY WARRANTY, REPRESENTATION, CONDITION OR UNDERTAKING OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH REFERENCE TO ANY SERVICE OR ANY OUTPUT, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, SATISFACTORY QUALITY, FITNESS FOR A SPECIFIC USE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT OR OTHER IMPLIED WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS UNDER STATUTORY, CONVENTION, OR ANY OTHER Covenant NEGOTIATION OR SECTOR STANDARDS. Any statements relating to the Services (including any statements about their functionality and performance) or Outputs, or other communications with the User, which are not covered by these Terms or any other Additional Agreement or Special Terms, are limited to a mere informational purpose and do not represent a warranty, representation, condition or other commitment. Without limiting the general scope of the foregoing, Render World does not guarantee or otherwise undertakes that (a) the Services or Outputs, or access to them or their use, are available, uninterrupted, error-free, secure, accurate, reliable or complete, (b) the Services achieve specific performance, or availability criteria, (c) the User Content is not lost or damaged, or (d) errors are corrected or other special assistance requests are handled to satisfy the User's needs. Any reference to access, use, storage, or other "unlimited" items in reference to a Service, will be subject to the technical limitations of the same Service.

18.3 Limitation of Liability

Neither Render World, nor its licensors and suppliers will assume any responsibility (direct or indirect) for all incidental, special, indirect, consequential, penalties; loss of profits or revenues; interruption of commercial activity or lack of use; costs of procuring fungible goods or services, or other hedging costs; failure or anomalies in the Outputs; loss, damage or deletion of (or lack of deletion) of data or User Content; or damages resulting from Force Majeure (in any case, regardless of the legal theory for the search for such damages in liability of other nature). Furthermore, the joint liability of Render World, its licensors and suppliers with respect to each Service or Output will not exceed the amount paid or that may be paid by the User for the Service in relation to an annual period prior to the events or the circumstances that gave rise to the liability incurred.

The limitations of liability provided for in these Terms will apply to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law to any damage or other liability, however caused and regardless of the hypothesis of liability, whether based on contract, on wrong (including negligence and strict liability), on indemnity, recourse, legislation or other, even if Render World has been advised of the possibility of liability and regardless of whether the limited remedies provided for in these terms have failed to achieve their purpose.

The User acknowledges that the amount payable for the Services is based in part on, and demonstrates the exclusions of warranties and limitations of liability in these Terms, and that such exemptions and limitations are essential elements of the bargaining between the User and Render World.

Nothing in these Terms is intended to limit or exclude Render World's liability for (i) death or personal injury caused by Render World's willful misconduct or gross negligence or (ii) damage or loss reported by the User and caused by fraud of Render World.

18.4 Relationship with applicable legislation

Render World does not intend to limit the User's guarantees, or other rights and means of the User, or the liability of Render World for damages or losses to the extent that such limitations are not permitted by law (such as guarantees by statute, conditions , remedies, liabilities that cannot be excluded by applicable law). Nothing in these Terms reduces the effect of warranties, Render World's liability for damages or losses, or other terms that cannot be excluded or otherwise modified under the law, despite a contractual restriction to the contrary. These Terms grant the User specific legal rights, and the User may also has other legal rights that vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For example, some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so much so that such provisions in these Terms may not apply to the User.

19. Indemnification

The User will indemnify and hold harmless (and, upon Render World's request, will defend) Render World from any loss, liability, expense (including reasonable legal fees) incurred or incurred by Render World for any claim, suit or proceeding ("Claim" ) arising from or referring to (i) the User Content, (ii) the User's use (including the Authorized Users of the User) of the Services, including any Output or other result produced by such use, and (iii) the Violation by the User (including User Authorized Users) of these Terms (including any Additional Agreement, Special Term or other applicable terms), including a Claim that claims or expects to be based on the negligence of Render World.

20. Term, Termination And Suspension

These Terms become effective from the earliest date admitted in accordance with the "Acceptance" section (Section 1) and continue to be effective indefinitely, unless they terminate in accordance with the provisions of this "Term, Termination and Suspension" section (Section 20).

20.1 The User's Right to Termination

The User may terminate their subscription (or their Use License) and these Terms if Render World is in material breach of these Terms (including any Additional Agreement, any Special Term or any other applicable term) and fails to remedy such violation within 30 days from the written notice of the violation.

20.2 Render World's Right to Termination

Render World may terminate any or all of the User's Use Licenses or other Services, these Terms and / or the User's account, if (i) the User does not have any current Licenses paid for, (ii ) the User has failed to pay in time some of the sums (including fees and taxes) due with reference to any Service or otherwise due to Render World, (iii) the User (including any User Authorized by the User) has significantly breached these Terms (including any Additional Agreement, any Special Term or any other applicable term), and has failed to remedy such breach of the 30-day term of written notice of the breach, or (iv) the User is subject to bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings, becomes insolvent, enters into an agreement with or involving its creditors (including an assignment to the creditor's Benefit) or initiates liquidation proceedings. These Terms will automatically cease to be effective without any other warning or action by Render World if the User falls into liquidation.

20.3 Effect of the Termination of the Use License

Upon expiration or termination of a Use License or other Service for any reason, the User's rights with respect to the same Service, including those relating to the Software license or subscription Benefits, will terminate. At that time, the User will cease to access and use the Service (including any access and use by Users Authorized by the User). At the end or termination of a Use License, (i) based on the User's convenience in relation to certain Web Services, Render World may provide the User with a short period (for example, 20 days) in which the 'User may retrieve the User Content following the termination or termination of the Web Service, if the User complies with these Terms and pays applicable fees, if any (for example, Render World fees in effect at that time and regarding professional services for any assistance provided by Render World), and (ii) otherwise Render World may remove, without notice, part or all of the User Content, including backups and other copies thereof. For more information on retrieving the content after term / termination, please check the individual Web Services Service. This convenience, for some Web Services, if available, does not relieve the User of the responsibility to maintain and guarantee complete copies of the User Content at any time.

20.4 Effect of the Termination of the Terms

As of any termination of these Terms for any reason, (i) the User's account and its subscriptions, including those of the Users Authorized by the User, will immediately terminate, (ii) the User will cease all access and use of each Service (including the accesses and uses of Users Authorized by the User), and (iii) the effects described above, relating to the termination or termination of a subscription or other Service, will apply. The payment obligations by the User, the ownership of the User's work (as described in "the User has the ownership of his own work" (Section 5)) and the compensation obligations (including those in the "Indemnification" section (Section 19)); the Feedback license (in the "Feedback" section (Section 14)); the rights of Render World and its obligations with respect to proprietary rights (including the rights and obligations in the section "Render World Proprietary Rights" (Section 17)); the disclaimers and limitations of liability (in the section "Limited Warranties, Disclaimers, Limitation of Liability" (Section 18)); applicable laws and dispute resolution provisions (in the section "Render World Contracting Entities, Applicable Law, and Dispute Resolution" (Section 21.4)); and the User's responsibility for anyone who accesses or uses (or obtains) the Services through the User or the User's account (including Users Authorized by the User) (including the responsibility described in the "Account" section (Section 4)) will remain in effect after termination for any reason.

20.5 Render World's Right to Suspend

If Render World believes in good faith that User Content or User conduct or lack of action (including the conduct or inaction of User Authorized Users) may (i) pose a risk or otherwise have an impact negative on the Services, systems or other users, (ii) represent or facilitate tampering by removing, disabling or other limitations of the effectiveness of any technical protection (including any mechanism for the management, monitoring, control or analysis of 'installation of, access or use of each Service or Render World intellectual property rights protections), (iii) subject Render World, any reseller or any other user to liability, or (iv) not comply with these Terms (including any Additional Agreement, Special Term or Other applicable term), including failure to pay any amount due in respect of each Service, Render World has the right, but not the obligation, to disable or suspend the User's access and use of each Service and the access and use of the User Content. Unless Render World reasonably deems immediate action to be prudent, Render World will attempt to notify the User of the planned termination or suspension before these become effective.

21. Various

21.1 Changes to the Services

Render World reserves the right, from time to time (and the User acknowledges and accepts this right of Render World) (i) to modify or launch subsequent versions of a Service, or to interrupt a Service and / or provide a Replacement service, (ii) to modify or discontinue the Benefits, features and functionalities, or support services or availability with respect to a Service, whether in general or with reference to a specific geographical area or a specific language, or (iii) to add or modify license keys, permissions, or other elements that control access to or use of the Services. Render World will undertake to inform the User of the main changes to the Services.

21.2 Changes of the Terms

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Render World reserves the right to modify these Terms from time to time (and the User acknowledges this right of Render World). Render World will undertake to notify the User of any material changes to the Terms that may have a material adverse effect on the User ("Notice of Change"), and the User will therefore have the opportunity to review such change. With the exception of what is otherwise provided in these Terms (including any Additional Agreement or Special Term), if any such changes are to have a materially negative effect on the User and the User does not consent to the change, the User may refuse the modification itself with notification to Render World of its refusal within 30 days of the Change Notice. If the User rejects a change in such circumstances, (i) the User's access and use of each Service affected by the change will continue to be governed by the terms effective immediately prior to the change (with the exception of the which the modification has been made for security, privacy, or regulatory compliance purposes) until (a) the end of the license period in force at that time or for another Service, if applicable, or, ( b) 180 days after the Change Notice, whichever comes first, and (ii) their rights relating to such Services, including those relating to subscription Benefits, will terminate. In the event of a termination by the User, Render World (or its reseller) will reimburse the pro-rata portion of the fees already paid and relating to the residual period of the User's subscription, with reference to the Service following the effectiveness of termination. This date will represent the end of the term of those Services. If a Use License is renewed or extended, it will be subject to the then current Terms. Notices from the User or from Render World will be provided as provided below, except that the User can provide notification of their refusal (within the 30-day period described above) to the email address, or otherwise, specified in the Change Notice.

Despite the foregoing, changes to the Privacy Policy, Special Terms, License Types, Subscription Benefits or other policies will be handled as described below.

The User acknowledges that your commitments with respect to the Services and Subscription Benefits are not subject to the delivery of future features or functionality (or oral or written statements about future features and functionality).

21.3 Languages of the Terms; Interpretation

The English language version of these Terms will be the version used for the interpretation or understanding of these Terms, and any notices or communications relating to these Terms will be provided in the English language. Any reference in these Terms to the words "days" refers to calendar days, unless otherwise specified. The words "included" and "by way of example" or "for example", and similar words, are not binding or exclusive and will be treated as if followed by "without limitation", whether or not they are included words. The sections and other titles are used for simplification purposes only and are not used to interpret the meaning of any term. Each right or remedy provided in these Terms is cumulative and must be added to the others, and should not be construed as replacing any other right or remedy available under applicable law.

21.4 Render World Entity, Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

If the User has any dispute relating to a Service or which has arisen in relation to these Terms (including any Additional Agreement, the Render World Privacy Statement or any other applicable term), the User will first attempt to resolve the informal dispute with Render World Entity, providing notice of the dispute (including a description of the dispute and related documents) in the manner described below for Notices and cooperation with Render World Entity, in order to amicably resolve the matter. If the dispute is not resolved within 30 days of receiving the notice, both the User and the Render World Entity may submit a formal request to the competent court for the resolution of disputes.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Render World may appeal to any jurisdiction or forum for injunction proceedings and other legal measures (and related thereto).

21.5 Compliance

Render World has the right to verify (electronically or otherwise) the User's installation, access and use of each Service, including the installation, access or use by other Authorized Users by the User. As part of this control, Render World or its authorized representatives will have the right, in the 15 days preceding the notice to the User, to inspect the User's data, systems and facilities, including machine IDs, numbers standard and other relevant information. Furthermore, in the course of 15 days from the request for control, if there is a request, the User, without charge, will provide copies of all his data and other additional information relating to the installation, access and use by the User of the Services (including Authorized Users of the User). If Render World believes that the User's installation, access and use does not comply with these Terms (including Additional Agreements, Special Terms or other applicable terms), the User will promptly remove the discrepancy, which may include the '' purchase of valid subscriptions or use licenses to switch to a User compliance regime and pay reasonable costs for control. Notwithstanding this section 21.5, Render World reserves the right to verify the User's compliance with these Terms as otherwise provided in them, and to seek any remedy available according to law or fairness.

21.6 Force majeure

Neither party will be liable or have any liability for any delay or failure to perform due to unforeseen circumstances or for reasons beyond any of its reasonable control, including situations of force majeure, earthquake, fire, flood, sanctions, embargoes, strikes, lockouts, or other trade union disturbances, civil unrest, bankruptcies, unavailability or delays of suppliers or licensees, riots, terrorist or otherwise malicious or criminal acts, wars, breakdown or interruption of the internet or internet connections of third parties or their infrastructure , power outages, acts of civil and military authorities and adverse weather conditions ("Force Majeure"). The affected party will give prompt written notice (when possible) of the non-performance and will make reasonable efforts to limit the resulting delay in its performance.

21.7 Exports

When the User obtains, accesses or uses a Service, the User must comply with export controls and international trade laws and regulations of the United States and other countries whose law may apply to the User and the User Content. The User must not access or use any Service from a US sanctioned location or if the User appear on one of the US Government lists containing the parties to which restrictions are enforced. The User must obtain US government authorization and any other necessary authorizations before he can obtain, access or use or allow any third party to obtain, access or use, any Restricted End Use Service in the United States. Restricted end uses include, but are not limited to, activities related to nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons or missile systems capable of carrying them. The User must not upload or provide in any other way to Render World any content or material (including User Content) that constitutes classified information (top secret) or that is subject to the ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) or similar foreigners. The User must not upload or otherwise provide to Render World any content or material that is not legally transferable from the User's location to the United States or vice versa. The User must not use any Service to make User Content or any other material or content available in any other country, entity or other party that cannot legally receive it under US law or other applicable law.

21.8 Government

For US government procurement, all services that constitute or include Software, are considered commercial computer software as defined in FAR 12.212 and DFARS 227.7202, as applicable, and any subsequent regulations. Any use, modification, copying, performance, display or dissemination of the Software by the US government will be solely in accordance with the license rights, restrictions and other terms set forth in these Terms (including any Additional Agreement or Special Terms).

21.9 Transfer

The User may not assign or otherwise transfer these Terms, or the User's rights or obligations deriving from these Terms (whether arising from law enforcement or otherwise) without the prior written consent of Render World, and Render World may withdraw from these Terms (including any User's rights under these Terms) if the User has been acquired by, or will be controlled by, any other person or entity (whether by means of a share purchase, merger or other transaction) without the written consent of Render World. Render World may assign or otherwise transfer these Terms (without the User's consent or notice to the User) as part of a reorganization, merger, sale of assets, or other transactions involving all, or some portions of the Services, or which relate to the activity.

21.10 Exclusion of Waiver

If and to the extent that each provision of these Terms is not applicable under current law, (i) such provision will be deemed modified to the extent reasonably necessary to ensure compliance with applicable law, but at the same time ensuring the maximum effectiveness of the will of the parties set forth in these Terms, and (ii) such provision will be ineffective only under the jurisdiction that deems it not applicable without this having consequences in other jurisdictions.

21.11 Severability

If and to the extent any provision of these Terms is held unenforceable under applicable law, (i) such provision will be deemed modified to the extent reasonably necessary to conform to applicable law but to give maximum effect to the intent of the parties set forth in these Terms, and (ii) such provision will be ineffective only as to the jurisdiction in which it is held unenforceable without affecting enforceability in any other jurisdiction.

21.12 Communications

Each communication from the User to Render World will be sent by email to the address Such notices will be effective upon receipt by Render World.

Except as expressly set forth in these Terms (including any Additional Agreement or Special Term), any notice provided by Render World to the User will be communicated (i) by email to the registered email address associated with the User's account (ii) with publication on the User's account (iii) by means of publication within a Service (for example, through an internal notification function of the Service or in the access notification), or (iv) in any other way that appears to be reasonable to Render World that it materializes with notifications to the User. The notices from Render World to the User (a) in the case of communications via email, will be effective the day after sending and (b) in the case of other methods of communication, five days after the communication has been posted or sent.

21.13 Overall agreement

These Terms, including the Privacy Policy, any Additional Agreement and any Special Terms (which are deemed to be included in these Terms), constitute the overall agreement between the User and Render World (and include and prevail over any agreement, discussion, communication, representation, guarantee, publicity or previous or contemporary understanding) with reference to the subject deduced in question.

21.14 DMCA

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (the "DMCA") offers the opportunity to appeal to copyright holders who believe that material posted online is infringing their rights under United States copyright law . If the User believes, in good faith, that the materials made available by or through Render World violate their copyrights, the User (or your representative) may give notice to Render World, requesting the removal of the material. in question or to block access. If the User believes in good faith that he is mistakenly the recipient of a notice for copyright infringement, under the DMCA the User may in turn send Render World a counterclaim. Notices and counterclaims must meet the applicable legal requirements from time to time under the DMCA. For more information, see

However, before submitting a notice or counterclaim, Render World suggests that User consults with their lawyer.

22. Definitions

Authorized Users means (i) the User (if the User is an individual) and (ii) specifically identified subjects (such as the User's employees, consultants and contracting parties and other persons who can access and use a Service for the User's benefit ) for which the User has purchased a subscription or a Use License of a Service. If any of the Services allows the User to designate Authorized Users for the Service, the User will be responsible for providing notice thereof, and for obtaining the consent of each of the Authorized Users, in relation to the application of these Terms in this regard, to their access and use of the said Service, before their actual access and use of the same.

Render World means Render World Production, a registered trademark (Italy) to be identified in the commercial representation of individuals Michele Salvucci and Giulia Birolini.

Render World Entity means a particular Render world entity, as identified under the section entitled "Render World Entity, Governing Law and Dispute Resolution" (Section 21.4)

Benefits means each benefit that Render World makes available to the User or their Authorized User. The Benefits are generally classified according to the level or type of Service to which the User subscribes or for which the Use License is purchased. These Benefits may include access to Updates and Enhancements, rights to previous versions, Additional Software and Web Services, Trials, APIs, global travel rights, technical support, training, online seminars, forums, events, galleries, newsletters and data usage. Benefits may also include account-related benefits such as single sign-on and User profile management, security settings, linked accounts and preferences.

Confidential Information means information not generally disclosed to the public that is (i) made available or disclosed in writing by a Disclosing Party to a Receiving Party, and (ii) defined as Confidential in a written document by the Disclosing Party. Render World Confidential Information also includes non-public aspects of (i) certain Services and related production plans, technology and other technical information and (ii) business dealings. However, Confidential Information does not include (a) that information that (1) can generally be disclosed to the public without breaching any obligation of the Disclosing Party; (2) they were aware of the Receiving Party prior to the disclosure by the Disclosing Party without the breach of any obligation (and without duty of confidentiality) by the Disclosing Party; (3) are received from third parties without the breach of any obligation (and without duty of confidentiality) on the part of the Disclosing Party; or (4) have been developed independently by the Receiving Party; (b) the User Content that has been sent by the User himself, or to which the User has granted access, to a third party through a Service or (c) any Feedback.

Customer Information Form means a template prepared by, or on behalf of the User and submitted to Render World (or its reseller), directly and indirectly, in reference to the User's account, a subscription or other Service.

Documentation means all documentation of each end user (including online, paper or other documentation / user manual) and any technical and legal requirements relating to the Service.

Electronic Devices means (i) computers (whether desktop, laptop or tablet); (ii) virtual machines that cannot be consulted through the network connection; and (iii) mobile devices.

License Type means the type of license specified by Render World for each subscription or Use License (for example, single-user or multi-user license). The License Types are specified in License Types.

Metrics means the set of data and other information relating to the access and use of each Service (including access and use by the User). The Metrics includes information relating to the use of functionality, features, storage, as well as indexes and information relating to the use, volume, type, storage and processing of User Content (but not of the Content itself). If the Metrics includes personal information, the processing of such information will comply with the provisions of the Privacy Policy.

Services means the Software, Web Services and other Benefits provided by Render World, as well as any subscription or Use License related to these elements. The Services include Free or Un-Free Trial Versions of Software, Web Services and other Benefits.

Service Identification means one or more definitions of Render World which provide (as applicable) the name of the Service, the License Type or the Web Service Type and the permitted number, Territory and duration of the User's subscription. The Service Identification can be (i) provided by written confirmation or by other communication from Render World to the User, by publication on your account, sent by email, sent in paper form, or otherwise made available to the User, ( ii) imprinted in the Software or in a Render World package if the Software is delivered to the User, or (iii) obtained from Render World upon request. The Service Identification does not include any naming, confirmation, packaging or other documentation provided by a reseller or third party.

Output means any result, work product, design, prototype or other item created or generated through the use of a Service, including all products, parts or services based on such results, work products, designs, prototypes and other items , or use the same.

Software means any software or similar item, including also any module, component, feature and function, which is made available by Render World, and whether or not it is provided as part of a subscription and whether or not it is provided free of charge. The Software includes Updates and Enhancements.

Terms (including the definition "these Terms") means these General Terms and other terms referring to them, including the Special Terms, the Privacy Policy and Additional Agreements, if any, together with any other applicable terms.

Trial Versions means the same concept already defined in the "Trial Versions" section (Section 12).

Updates means the security fixes, hot fixes, patches, and other updates (including new features, new functions and other changes issued under the Enhancements) if and when made available to the User by Render World and defined by the latter as effective updates.

Enhancements means new versions of the Services, or additions or additional products to individual Services, if and when made available to the User by Render World, and hence it is decided that they are improvements.

Web Service means a web-based or cloud-based service made available by Render World whether or not it is provided as part of a subscription or Use License and whether or not it is provided for a fee.

Web Service Type means the type of Web Service specified by Render World for a particular subscription or license. The Types of Web Services are defined in License Types.

User Content means (i) any file, project, model, data set, image, document or similar material, provided or uploaded to any Service by the User or by the User Authorized Users and (ii) the specific outputs of the User generated by the use of each Service based on the raw data and information possessed by the User.

23. Country / Jurisdiction - Specific Terms

Without prejudice to the scope of the other conditions included in these Terms, if your principal place of business (or, in the case of an individual User, your residence) is located in a country or jurisdiction identified below, the terms set forth below for that country or jurisdiction will apply to the User:

23.1 Member States of the European Union

If the User purchases his subscription in a member country of the European Union or the European Free Trade Association, the "Territory" applicable in relation to the subscription is that including all the countries of the European Union and the European Association of Free Exchange.

If the User's main place of business (or, in the case of a User who is a natural person, their residence) is located in a Member State of the European Union and any legal proceedings relating to the use of the Service are pending between the User and a third party in one of the Member States, (i) the User will inform Render World promptly and in writing of such legal proceedings and (ii) the User will not provide Render World with the third party's communication on the matter to the above procedure, unless Render World specifically requests it in writing from the User.

(ii) If Render World assigns or otherwise transfers these Terms, Render World will ensure that the assignment or other transfer does not prejudice the User rights under these Terms.  The user may request Render World’s consent to the assignment or other transfer by the User of these Terms and the User rights and obligations under these Terms.  Any such consent by Render World will be subject to demonstration by the User that the transferee will comply with these Terms, that the User will remain responsible for such compliance, and that the User will no longer have any access to or use of any Service (including any functionality of any Service).

(iii) Notwithstanding the provisions of the "Overall Agreement" section (Section 21.13) of these Terms, this section does not exclude the liability of Render World towards the User for (a) misrepresentation by means of voluntary declarations on the Services provided by Render World to the User and on which the User relied for the purchase of the same Services; or (b) failure to provide pre-contractual information regarding the Service that Render World is required to provide prior to purchase, according to the law of the country in which the User resides.

Further, nothing contained in these Terms is intended to limit or exclude (1) Render World's liability for death or personal injury caused by Render World's negligence, or (2) legal liability for products, according to statute of one of the Member States of the European Union.

In addition, despite the territorial limitations set forth in these terms, the same Terms do not restrict cross-border access or use (access or use in one of the Member States of the European Union of a Service purchased in another Member State of the 'European Union) which is expressly authorized by applicable law.

23.2 Australia

The following provisions may be applied by the User according to their circumstances:

Our products are sold with guarantees that cannot be excluded under Australian consumer law. The User can obtain replacement or reimbursement for a serious breach and to compensate for any other loss or any other serious damage. The User can also obtain the repair of the products or their replacement if the good is not of acceptable quality and this shortcoming does not depend on force majeure.

In addition to their other rights and remedies, as provided by law in reference to the Services, the Services can be legitimately purchased even with a limited warranty of 90 days, in accordance with the provisions of these Terms. If a Service, in the 90 days following delivery to the User, does not have the features and functionality as described in the Documentation, please contact the email address, referring to the User's product details.


23.3 Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan

If the User has purchased his Use License in Mainland China, the "Territory" to be indicated for this Use License is Mainland China. Similarly, if the User has purchased their Use License in Hong Kong, the "Territory" to be indicated for this Use License is Hong Kong; and if the User has purchased his Use License in Macau, the "Territory" to be indicated for this Use License is Macau. If the User has purchased his Use License in Taiwan, the "Territory" to be indicated for this Use License is Taiwan.